US Stock Ving Enhanced Edition Light Weight Automatic Channel Letter Fabrication Bender Machine for Aluminum Materials, Servo Mo

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Light Weight Automatic Channel Letter Fabrication Bender Machine for Aluminum Materials
sign making equipment channel letter bender, Auto feed, Auto Slot (Cut), Auto Bend, Single-Side Cutting

This Sign making channel letter fabrication bender machine is used for making fabrication channel sign letters. It can slot and bend aluminum tape (flat coil without folded edge), aluminum Strips, and aluminum return coil, etc.

• The machine configuration is servo motor.

• Fast bending speed. Relative to the other metal bending machines adopt pat way to bend, this machine adopts rolling bending way; its finished work piece looks more smooth, beautiful, and without any trace.
• Independent research and development software, which has independence knowledge property, and you can enjoy free software upgrades and technical services for life.
• High bending precision, it can make Endless letters, which are highest precision three - dimensional letters on the market. 
• With many domestic invention patent.
• Through the PCT property rights protection, has applied for the patent in the European Union CE certificate.



Processing Material: Aluminum

Material Thickness: 0.2-1.2mm
Material Height: 135mm (Custom height available)
Speed: 600-1000 Meters / 8 Hour
Working Principle: Auto feed, Auto Slot (Cut), Auto Bend
Slot Degree: 45-135 Degree (Available our aluminum coil only, no this limit on flat material)
Slot(Cut) Way: Single-Side Cutting
Min Bending Diameter: 12mm
Voltage: 220V
Power: 500W
Air Compressor: No Need
File Format: AI
Motor: Servo motor






MotorStepper motorServo motor
TypeHeavy DutyLight Weight
DCut(Slot) WayDouble-Side Cutting (Slot)Single-Side Cutting(Slot), by this cutting slot
1. Easy and simple to adjust cutting depth.
2. Can not see the cutting mark from outside of the finished letter
Air CompressorNeedNo Need
Connection Way of PC and Machine2 Cables and Only PC available1 USB Cable, PC and Laptop both available
Blade Cutter Diameter63mm50mm

1.Compare to MBM-HD-SK-VII, MBM-HD-SK-VI is easy to operate, maintenance and repair. It is a light-weight machine for customers. 
But some cutomers more like heavy-duty machines, so we have our model HD-SK-VII;

2.Different Structure and Design, but they have a totally same working way, so it will not result any difference on bending and letter-making;

3.Different Blade Cutter Diameter will not result any difference on cutting and letter-making.



Software advantages:
• Intelligent Complementary System: It interacts with the closed loop control unit to instantly analyze the deviation caused by material skid, micro-stretch from bending, etc. and reports errors for operation after multiple complementation failures, for which other companies' product doesn't have such a function hence can't ensure precision.

• Database of Bending Pressure: the user can save the value of bending pressure used during process and build up a bending database in the system, and then quickly re-apply such a value from the bending database when meeting the same material next time.
• Unique Laser Consumptive Complement: During real cutting, it often happens that there is deviation between the material being cut and the original file. In this situation, the user can just input relative value in the user parameter, and then the software will automatically calculate a fit value against the cutting panel that doesn't need the user to adjust the original file. other companies' product doesn't have such a function hence it's difficult to solve such a problem, however as a result, it requires to manually adjust the error point with experience.
• The Intelligent Complement of Board Material Bending & Stretching: The bending force will cause plastic distortion during bending and makes its length changed. However, this software gives intelligent complement against the deviation of length precision caused and maximally ensures precisions of both bending and length. Other companies' product doesn't have such a function for which it accumulates deviation, as a result, the more times of it bends the more deviation it causes.




The channel letter bender is bending the yellow part from aluminum return coil to the channel letter shape.
The acrylic face is cutting by the CNC cutting machine. We just need to glue the two parts together to finish the channel letter sign.
With these two parts, we don't need any trim caps.
Sign making equipment channel letter bender.







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